General Public History and Media

SHRA has researched and analyzed corporate and organizational histories, has published articles on western history, and has appeared on both television and radio shows to speak on historical topics. Our staff of professional historians can provide your group with a report suitable for publication based on our original research or from information that your organization provides to us.

Select Projects

Idaho Power Centennial
SHRA has been retained to work on Idaho Power Corporation’s 100-year anniversary celebrations that will take place in 2016. Our researchers are working on a traveling exhibit, an online exhibit, and other exciting projects that will tell the story of this locally run utility that electrified Idaho.

Boise State University, Friends of Nursing Program
This outstanding program, which raises money in the community to provide scholarships for nursing students, has been in existence since 1989. SHRA wrote a history of the organization and its impact on nursing in Idaho.

Idaho Education Association
In 2012, SHRA researched and published a book about this organization’s 120-year history advocating for the public schools and children of Idaho, which can be seen here.  SHRA’s work on this project was recognized by the National Council on Public History, which awarded it an Honorable Mention for the Excellence in Consulting Award for 2013.

City of Boise, Idaho
In 2005, the City of Boise was poised to execute on a land exchange that would have preserved a large swath of land in the Boise foothills. The City hired SHRA to write a history of the Boise foothills and their significance to the community to support the Congressional bill allowing for the land exchange.

Radio Appearances

Boise State Public Radio, April 2014: Dr. Jennifer Stevens was interviewed by Boise State Public Radio about the devastating 1959 mudslide in the Boise Foothills, and you can hear that story here.

Radio Boise, February 2012: Listen to Dr. Stevens discuss Boise’s foothills history with City Councilwoman Elaine Clegg and activists Anne Hausrath and Judy Ouderkirk here.

Television and Other Appearances

City of Boise, Sesqui-Speaks, 2013:  SHRA staffers also delivered public lectures on the following topics as part of the City of Boise’s speakers series that celebrated Boise’s Sesquicentennial in 2013:

      History of Boise’s Recreational Places: Boise’s Parks, Greenbelt, Foothills, & Trails

      Education & Care:  A History of the Nursing Program in Boise

Idaho Public Television, March 2012: Watch Dr. Jennifer Stevens’ appearance on Idaho Public Television’s Outdoor Idaho – the Boise Foothills


Academia and Service to the Profession

Dr. Jennifer Stevens teaches annually at Boise State University in the fields of History and Environmental Studies.  Her most recent course was on Urban Environmental History.

Dr. Stevens has recently reviewed academic books on historical and environmental topics in The Public Historian and Idaho Yesterdays.

AHA, January 2013: Dr. Jennifer Stevens appeared on a panel entitled “The Entrepreneurial Historian” at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association. The organization wrote about the panel here.

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