7/26/2010 SHRA working to complete Boise’s new Historic Preservation Plan

July 27, 2010

SHRA is putting the finishing touches on Boise’s new Historic Preservation Plan.  The plan has not been updated since it was first written in 1979.  Much has happened since that time, and society values historic properties differently now than it did then.  Many things had to be addressed in this plan, including how to merge the City’s environmental stewardship goals with its historic preservation goals.  Sometimes, the two seem to be at odds, and this plan was geared toward addressing this conflict.  The plan also addresses Boise’s stock of mid-century architecture.  In addition, the new plan covers the history of historic preservation in Boise and all of the past accomplishments of the City’s Historic Preservation Commission.  It also suggests policies that will reduce the waste stream from demolition and remodels of historic homes, and innovative plans for the myriad historic preservation groups in the Boise area to work together.  The plan will undergo some revision before it heads to public hearing sometime this fall.