3/17/2011 SHRA’s First Newsletter

March 17, 2011

1Q2011 NewsletterThanks to the help of our great new office manager, Jill Johnson, we have finally created our first newsletter.  We are hoping to provide these quarterly, giving our clients and friends an interesting peek into the archives.  Often I hear from my colleagues in academia that they just don’t have the kind of time they’d like to have to visit archives for research.  Our researchers, on the other hand, visit archival facilities all the time and wish they had more time to teach!  Ah, well.  Our hope is that this regular newsletter will provide some insight into the kind of sources we are able to find and how we use those sources for our clients involved in environmental legal disputes.  If nothing else, we aim to write something informative that will help our friends and colleagues better understand the practical applications of professional historical research.

As the newsletter mentions, we have moved into a new office suite with a little more breathing room.  Please stop by anytime you’re in the building for a cup of coffee downstairs.  We love visitors.