This blog offers SHRA associates a less formal place to write about the intersection of current events, academia and history. We will also share "finds" from the various primary sources we examine. We post both Features, our long form pieces, and Vignettes, fun, interesting and notable shorts that we think would be of interest to our readers but that don’t warrant a longer analysis. To see some of our longer analytical pieces, click on Features. For shorter reads, click on Vignettes.

8/30/13 – SHRA’s Engagement with Boise State University

SHRA’s Dr. Jennifer Stevens has been invited back as an adjunct faculty member at Boise State University.  She will teach courses in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014. This session, she is teaching an upper division course in North American Environmental History for the Department of History in the College of Social Sciences & Public Affairs. In the… Read the Rest »

8/23/13 – Boise’s Historic F.O.E Building

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog post was researched and written by our summer intern, Sadi Mosko. Sadi graduated from Boise High School in May, where she was an active member of the Boise Architecture Project. She left Boise just this week to begin her new adventures at Columbia University in New York City. She showed a great… Read the Rest »

7/19/13 – SHRA’s Summer 2013 Newletter

Recently, SHRA mailed our Summer 2013 newsletter.  Our cover article was on a boat railway that was proposed in the 1880’s to help navigate the mighty Columbia river.  This article is part of our newsletter series called “Archive Archaeology,” which highlights lighter or curious finds made in the course of our research.  A link to… Read the Rest »

6/7/13 – Talking History

At SHRA, we specialize in putting history to work.  For us, this most frequently means combing archives and weaving narratives from a variety of written or photographic records.  However, SHRA is also proud to be a part of the growing trend of oral history projects that are occurring across the country. Currently, the oral history… Read the Rest »

5/24/13 – Celebrating 150 Years of History in Boise, Idaho

Providing environmental litigation support keeps SHRA busy with clients across the United States. Our historians love digging into primary source documents on topics relating to historical mining, land use, irrigation practices, and other issues. We also take great pride in working in general public history and jump at any opportunity to get involved with projects… Read the Rest »

3/22/13: The U.S. Government Helps the Hat Industry

My favorite research projects are those that lead me to new collections and new records that are unfamiliar to me. I have spent many hours – and probably years – of my life poring over records of the Bureau of Reclamation, the General Land Office, and the Bureau of Mines. But a recent project has… Read the Rest »

2/22/13: Book Review – “Call the Midwife” Trilogy

Today’s blog post is courtesy of SHRA’s resident non-historian, our office manager Jill Johnson, who is reviewing a series of memoirs about the lives of London midwives and their service to the working class in the post-World War II world.   Last Autumn, PBS ran the BBC series Call the Midwife. It recounted the stories… Read the Rest »

2/15/13: SHRA on Social Media

By now, you’re familiar with our website and this blog, but did you know that we are also on Facebook and Twitter?  We love the more informal and interactive platforms that social media offers us, and we’d love for you to join the conversations.  Click through and like the SHRA Facebook page, and follow us… Read the Rest »

2/1/13: The Business of History, Part 2

Last week, we shared the AHA’s summary of “The Entrepreneurial Historian” panel from the organization’s 2013 conference. This week, we invite you to read a guest post from SHRA’s Jennifer Stevens on the History@Work blog. Dr. Stevens was invited by the National Council on Public History to blog about her own impressions at the AHA… Read the Rest »

1/25/13: The Business of History, Part 1

Earlier this month, SHRA’s Jennifer Stevens participated in the “The Entrepreneurial Historian” panel discussion at the 127th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association in New Orleans, LA.  The panel included professionals that spoke to alternatives to academia for historians. The AHA posted a summary of the session on their blog, where you can read… Read the Rest »

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