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6/20/14 – SHRA Spring 2014 Newsletter

Editor’s note:  We recently mailed our Spring 2014 newsletter.  Below you will find an expanded version of our feature article, as well as a link to the full newsletter. Environmental historians are just beginning to analyze the ties between war and the environment. SHRA’s recent finds in the archives demonstrate firsthand the significant historical impact of government… Read the Rest »

6/6/14 – Timber Harvesting and Wildfire in the National Forests: The Emergence of Multiple-Use Management

Editor’s Note: This is the third installment in a series of blogs by SHRA Environmental Analyst/Researcher Naomi Heindel on the history of the United States Forest Service. You can read the first two installments here and here. In my previous blog, the second in this series on the history of the Forest Service, I discussed the… Read the Rest »

5/23/14 – Breaking Trails at the Dawn of the National Parks System

Editor’s note:  Today’s blog post is from Jennifer Stevens. My 12-year old son recently asked me why I read the obituaries in the paper. I didn’t have to think very long before I answered: I love people’s stories. Environmental history is – like all history – cut from the cloth of people’s stories. Human interaction… Read the Rest »

4/7/14 – The Mission Mountain Tribal Wilderness Area

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog post is courtesy of SHRA’s graduate student intern HannaLore Hein. Last fall, as a board member of the Center of the American West, I was lucky enough to attend their annual Board Member Retreat. Every year the Center’s staff plans a four day excursion to a western location so board members… Read the Rest »

2/26/14 – Meet Mark Steel

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog post is from SHRA’s Stephanie Milne-Lane. Growing up, my parents’ kitchen table was the landing spot for a variety of disparate objects like backpacks, bills, and water bottles. But no matter how much was thrown on top, a small archive of Newsweek magazines could always be found beneath the daily rubble…. Read the Rest »

10/19/12: How the Historian Can Help in Superfund Cases

One of SHRA’s areas of specialization is expert litigation support. Since some of our readers may not be familiar with that facet of our work, we wanted to explore various types of cases in which our historians have provided expert research, analysis and sworn testimony in support of a legal argument. We’re going to start… Read the Rest »

8/10/12: Remembering the Great Fires of 1910

As Idaho, Colorado, and other western states suffer through another season of wildfires that claim lives and homes and pollute the summer air, we remember our region’s long history of forest fires and the evolution of the U. S. Forest Service’s approach to them over the past 100 years. Author and journalist Timothy Egan has… Read the Rest »

6/15/12: The Boise Foothills

Idaho Public Television aired an episode of Outdoor Idaho focused on the Boise Foothills last night. Producer Joan Carten-Hansen did a knock-down job of nailing all of the things that make the Foothills so special to all of us who live in the Boise area. The first few minutes of the episode discuss the history… Read the Rest »

2/13/12: Talking Open Space on Boise Community Radio

“Boise Yesterday and Today,” Elemental Idaho on Boise Community Radio A one-hour radio program on the history of the Boise Foothills and the Boise River Greenbelt, featuring Jennifer Stevens, Anne Hausrath, Judy Ouderkirk, and Elaine Clegg.  

10/06/2011 Visionaries in Boise History

My involvement in the Boise civic community and knowledge of the city’s history sometimes brings me welcome invitations to participate in things that I really love. Last week, I was asked by the Boise Chamber of Commerce to conduct a tour for their 2013 Leadership Boise class, a program from which I graduated in 2005…. Read the Rest »

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