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2/3/16 – The Legacy of Public Libraries – Then and Now, Part III

The American metal industry and public libraries have a fascinating and intertwined history. Glimpses into this rather unexpected historical narrative can be explored in the two previous installments of this blog series, available here and here. But nowhere is the connection between these two entities more pronounced than in the philanthropic work of Andrew Carnegie. Andrew… Read the Rest »

12/9/15 – The History of the War Assets Administration

On December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan’s naval and air forces of attacked the United States at Pearl Harbor, a date that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt exclaimed “would live in infamy.”[1] He quite accurately anticipated that this event would mark a pivotal moment in American history. In commemoration of that date, this week’s blog… Read the Rest »

11/4/15 – Teaching Business with History: A Case Study on Garrett Freightlines

Idaho’s history is rich in many ways, but one facet of the state’s history that seems to strike a particular chord with me is the history of its abundant legacy family businesses. I first came across this history as a graduate student at Boise State where I focused my thesis research on the history of… Read the Rest »

10/21/15 – The Legacy of Public Libraries – Then and Now, Part II

Today’s blog is the second installment in SHRA’s series on libraries. The first installment discussed the role that libraries played in historic mining towns. Today’s installment looks at the more contemporary issues that mining communities face. When people think of U.S. mining industry history, many people immediately think of the 1850s California Gold Rush. But… Read the Rest »

9/23/15 -The Legacy of Public Libraries – Then and Now, Part I

In the course of doing research for our active projects, SHRA researchers often come across articles from historic publications or find fascinating archival material that triggers a memory or provokes a question that compels us to further explore. I recently had such an experience when researching in a historic issue of the Engineering and Mining… Read the Rest »

9/9/15 – The National Archives: Making and Keeping History, Part Two

Editor’s note:  This is the second installment in the blog series on history of the National Archives. Read the first installment here. Fire drills used to always reminded me of middle school, where students filed out of the classroom in single-file lines to congregate at the designated meeting place. Excitement was usually the emotion that… Read the Rest »

8/19/15 – The Boulder-White Clouds: the Long History of Wilderness in Central Idaho

  Idaho is renowned for its recreational opportunities and magnificent ruggedness. The solitude provided by its rivers and mountains are unmatched. Thus, President Obama’s August 7, 2015 signing of Idaho’s Sawtooth Recreation Area and Jerry Peak Wilderness Additions Act is a significant event in environmental and Idaho history, particularly when viewed as the capstone of… Read the Rest »

8/12/15 — The National Archives: Making and Keeping History, Part One

As the newest member of the SHRA research team, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my first day in the office would not take place in the office at all; instead, on my first day of work, I would be traveling to Washington, D.C. with the rest of the SHRA team for a week-long… Read the Rest »

2/4/15 – Visiting History: Yuma, AZ

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog is courtesy of SHRA researcher HannaLore Hein.  All photo credits are hers. In December 2014, I was fortunate enough to visit Yuma, Arizona. To some people’s surprise, the city is actually known for many things and has a lot to offer both tourists and locals alike. Located in the southwest corner of… Read the Rest »

4/7/14 – The Mission Mountain Tribal Wilderness Area

Editor’s Note:  Today’s blog post is courtesy of SHRA’s graduate student intern HannaLore Hein. Last fall, as a board member of the Center of the American West, I was lucky enough to attend their annual Board Member Retreat. Every year the Center’s staff plans a four day excursion to a western location so board members… Read the Rest »

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