4/23/14 – SHRA’s Jennifer Stevens interviewed for Boise State Public Radio Story

Earlier this month, Jennifer Stevens was interviewed by Scott Graf of Boise State Public Radio for a feature the station ran on Boise’s 1959 mudslide.  It is a topic we’ve discussed on the blog before, and one that has gained more attention in the aftermath of the devastating landslide last month in Oso, WA.  Click… Read the Rest »

6/15/12: The Boise Foothills

Idaho Public Television aired an episode of Outdoor Idaho focused on the Boise Foothills last night. Producer Joan Carten-Hansen did a knock-down job of nailing all of the things that make the Foothills so special to all of us who live in the Boise area. The first few minutes of the episode discuss the history… Read the Rest »

2/13/12: Talking Open Space on Boise Community Radio

“Boise Yesterday and Today,” Elemental Idaho on Boise Community Radio A one-hour radio program on the history of the Boise Foothills and the Boise River Greenbelt, featuring Jennifer Stevens, Anne Hausrath, Judy Ouderkirk, and Elaine Clegg.