1/26/15 – Fighting Over Water

‘“I believe I hit him first,”’ the farmer reported. ‘“Then he picked up a chair and hit me over the head.’” Two men fighting in the American West in the late 1920s might not seem related to SHRA’s research. But in this case, the farmer was furious that he was not receiving enough irrigation water… Read the Rest »

1/14/15 – The Great River of the West

Right before the holidays, SHRA researchers found themselves swimming in sources relating to the development of the Columbia River. Like so many other rivers, the Columbia faced a plethora of competing interests, such as hydroelectric power, fish, navigation, irrigation, and recreation. Documentation on the subject was vast but one source in particular intrigued us. Around… Read the Rest »

12/10/14 – The USGS Takes on Dowsing

While perusing the United States Geologic Survey (USGS) water-supply papers recently, SHRA researchers were surprised to find a paper from 1917 titled “The Divining Rod: A History of Water Witching.”[i] USGS papers tend to deal with river hydrology or aquifer resources, so this topic was quite a change. What did the USGS have to say… Read the Rest »

11/3/14 – What’s in a Name? A Brief History of the “Colorado River”

The mighty Colorado River has not always been known as such. SHRA researchers were recently examining plats made by General Land Office surveyors along the Colorado River and discovered that the river has only been known by that name since 1921. The 1884 map shown below is a section of the original survey plat for Township… Read the Rest »

10/31/14 – SHRA Fall 2014 Newsletter

We recently mailed our Fall 2014 Newsletter.  For this edition, the theme was water, and all of our features focused on examples of water-related issues that SHRA has researched, including the recently concluded Snake River Basin Adjudication, navigability, and the Clean Water Act.  Click the link to read on… SHRA Fall 2014 Newsletter

10/22/14 -The Snake River Basin Adjudication—Organization & The Finish Line

As twilight descends upon the Snake River Basin Adjudication (SRBA), it seems fitting to place it into the larger context of water rights settlements in the American West. In Through the Waters: An Oral History of the Snake River Basin Adjudication, editors Randy Stapilus and the Idaho State Bar Water Law Section compiled an impressive… Read the Rest »

10/20/14 – The Snake River Basin Adjudication – Where Did It All Begin?

This past summer, hundreds of people from various backgrounds, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia converged in Boise, Idaho to celebrate the completion of the Snake River Basin Adjudication (SRBA), the largest and arguably the most successful water adjudication in U.S. history. Such esteem begs the question, how did this long and arduous process begin?… Read the Rest »

7/2/12: The 2012 Idaho Water Users Association’s Water Law Conference

The Idaho Water Users Association’s annual Water Law Seminar was held June 18-19 in Sun Valley, and SHRA’s Jennifer Stevens and Kelly Horn were in attendance. Attorneys from around the state and many members of irrigation district boards and canal companies took part. Speakers included representatives from government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency… Read the Rest »

8/11/2011 Local Water Organizations Hosting October 18 Conference on Boise River

Boise-area residents value and love the Boise River for its proximity to downtown, the recreational opportunities it offers, and the water it provides for local farmers.  But the Boise River is not the same river it once was.  The meandering series of shallow channels that criss-crossed the valley floor in the late 19th century has… Read the Rest »

12/10/2010 SHRA in The Advocate

SHRA client Moffatt Thomas recently used the information in a report prepared by our firm for an article in the Idaho Bar Association’s newsletter.  Attorney Scott Campbell cited the SHRA report in his article, “Irrigation Water Drainage Development in the Treasure Valley.” History of Irrigation and Drainage in the Treasure Valley The report, entitled, A… Read the Rest »

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