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12/19/14 – Unexpected Archive Treasures

Editor’s Note:  Today’s post is courtesy of guest blogger Cheryl Oestreicher, Head, Special Collections, Boise State University As an archivist, I enjoy helping people with their research. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, as I learn more about our collections from what researchers discover, and in turn I share my existing knowledge. Often, I’m able to… Read the Rest »

12/15/14 – Then & Now Fairview Avenue

Because most of our projects focus on the built and natural environments, SHRA researchers often find themselves researching at the unique intersection between environmental and urban history. In early 2014, our research led to 1950s photographs of Fairview Avenue in Boise, Idaho, a road that is now a major thoroughfare in the Treasure Valley. One… Read the Rest »

10/31/14 – SHRA Fall 2014 Newsletter

We recently mailed our Fall 2014 Newsletter.  For this edition, the theme was water, and all of our features focused on examples of water-related issues that SHRA has researched, including the recently concluded Snake River Basin Adjudication, navigability, and the Clean Water Act.  Click the link to read on… SHRA Fall 2014 Newsletter

11/22/13 – Favorite Reading Rooms: Archives II

Reading rooms are a funny thing. Some are quaint and a breeze to navigate. Others are a maze both in how records are organized and where you can find a seat. At a recent staff meeting, our researchers began talking about their favorite archives and reading rooms. We’ve researched in a range of places, including… Read the Rest »

6/7/13 – Talking History

At SHRA, we specialize in putting history to work.  For us, this most frequently means combing archives and weaving narratives from a variety of written or photographic records.  However, SHRA is also proud to be a part of the growing trend of oral history projects that are occurring across the country. Currently, the oral history… Read the Rest »

4/26/12: Electronic Records in the National Archives

My associate and I just returned from a week in the Washington, D.C. area doing research in the records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the U.S. Secretary of the Interior. The sheer volume of material that was relevant to the subject of our research was astounding. Back in the… Read the Rest »

7/26/2011 The Evolving Historical Profession

The NY Times printed an article today (7/26/2011) about how Geographic Information Systems have helped historians “see” the past in more unique and arguably more accurate ways. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/27/arts/geographic-information-systems-help-scholars-see-history.html?pagewanted=2&_r=2&hp Although the article does not specifically discuss SHRA’s specialty – environmental history — the use of Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, represents a major leap forward in… Read the Rest »

12/10/2010 SHRA in The Advocate

SHRA client Moffatt Thomas recently used the information in a report prepared by our firm for an article in the Idaho Bar Association’s newsletter.  Attorney Scott Campbell cited the SHRA report in his article, “Irrigation Water Drainage Development in the Treasure Valley.” History of Irrigation and Drainage in the Treasure Valley The report, entitled, A… Read the Rest »

11/12/2010 County Records and Haunted Hotels

I had occasion to be in Baker City, Oregon last week on a research trip.  The city itself has made a concerted effort to preserve its historic architecture, and the small downtown is charming.  City Hall is a beautiful turn-of-the-century (20th) quintessential stone hall with a clock tower, and there are many National Register plaques… Read the Rest »

9/3/2010: The Mining Law of 1866

SHRA has spent quite a lot of time in recent months doing work related to the 1866 Mining or Right of Way Act.  Among many other things, the law provides perpetual ROWs for uses that existed on public land at the time the land was withdrawn from the public domain.  There is a provision of… Read the Rest »

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