Water Histories

The history of the American West is the history of its water. Whether you are part of an organization that has reached an anniversary, or you are interested in the history of water use on a particular property or within a governmental jurisdiction, documenting water history can be useful for many reasons. Organizations such as irrigation districts may be losing institutional knowledge through retirements and other turnover, and may want to record both documentary and oral histories of original water users and board members, or its interaction with local governing bodies. Cities or counties might be required to document their water use to comply with certain laws, or be interested in the history of certain watercourses as part of larger projects involving the daylighting of a long-buried stream. SHRA offers expertise on water use, crop development and evolution, urban water use, and facility construction across the West. Our team has worked for irrigation districts, private property owners, cities, and counties to document and narrate changing water use.