History Services

History Services? Commemorative History? Public History? Although the terms vary, the foundation of SHRA’s history services is the same: thorough research, consistent methodology, and professional delivery. Whether you are looking for archival research services for a corporate history project, need help preparing questionnaires for oral histories, or require photographic or map research for a digital deliverable, our professional historians and researchers are adept at understanding your research questions, finding the answers, and providing a wide array of deliverables to meet your needs. SHRA’s experienced staff will present a final product of your choosing, including book and article manuscripts; blog, social media, and digital content; pamphlets and brochures; copy for digital exhibits and public displays; public programming and educational materials; and so much more. Not only can we help develop the stories that are important to you, but we can present, celebrate, and commemorate those stories so that they are accessible and relevant for our clients, both now, and in the future. What story can we help you share with the world?

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