Oral Histories

Oral histories are valuable historic resources whether to unveil the details of an organization’s past or to preserve community or family history. An oral history inherently captures a nuanced perspective and provides an account of events that are not often available through other resources. Oral history interviews with top company executives or long-tenured employees can reveal as much about a company’s growth and development over time as they can about company culture and changing social norms and trends. Such interviews become invaluable with the passing of these influential figures. Oral histories are equally valuable to families and communities, and SHRA’s approach reflects the rigors of the discipline rather than any particular individual. Oral history interviews are most successful when sufficient preparation and research has taken place, and when the interviewer engages as an active listener. SHRA’s oral history method includes ample preparation time, as well as scheduling commensurate with the desired length of the recorded interview. SHRA uses the latest in digital recording equipment, and we partner with a local transcription service if clients desire written transcripts.