Mining/Land Use/Access and Road Issues

Mining/Land Use/Access and Road IssuesMining/Land Use/Access and Road Issues

Land use disputes can involve many issues, including: boundary disputes; road and other access issues; historic land use; contamination concerns, and many others. SHRA has experience with many archival collections that provide information about historic land use. Our historians have used homestead files at the U.S. National Archives, Bureau of Land Management historic surveys and surveyor notes, original U.S. Geological Survey documents, and various other archival sources to write about various parcels across the United States. The reports and document recovery performed by our historians have been used to demonstrate:

  • Original intent of national system of Wildlife Refuges;
  • Existence of historic access for the litigation of RS 2477 road claims;
  • Liability in CERCLA litigation and negotiations;
  • Historic existence of certain natural features, such as streams, certain crops, or structures;
  • Historic mining claims and commercial activity.